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  • AI Powered Video Encoding/Transcoding

    • Content adaptive video encoding

    • Average 30~50% bitrate saving w/ the same video quality, or much improved video quality at the same bitrate.

    • Applied to both VOD and living streaming applications.

    • Supported standards: H264, H265, AV1, VP9, AVS2, WebP.

  • AV1 Encoder

    • AOM pioneer contributor to both standard finalization and the open source encoder optimization.

    • Highly efficient AV1 encoding solution providing better quality, less bitrate, and faster encoding speed.

  • AI Powered Image Encoding and Enhancement

    • Adaptive tools combining video analytics, processing and encoding.

    • Customized tools to meet a variety of customer needs with high quality and less artifacts.

  • End-To-End Video Processing System

    • End-to-end solution: AI + Analytics + Codec + Transmission.

    • Distributed video encoding.

    • AI-powered high efficiency video storage and transmission.


AI-Powered Transcoding Solution:

Cloud based, fast, scalable,  content adaptive

AI-Powered Adaptive Transcoding:

H.264 -> H.264, enhanced visual quality with 45% bitrate saving





Mobile-Friendly Decoder Side Video Enhancement:

Same bit stream, better image quality



Fast and Efficient AV1 Encoder:

10X speedup with same quality compared to libaom* (2019/01)

*libaom: The open source implementation of AOM/AV1.

*VMAF: A perceptual video quality metric based on multi-method fusion.


  • President

    Zoe was previously a software engineer with the Google Chrome Media team for five years, and has been a key contributor to the development and finalization of the open source video codec standard AOM/AV1. Either as a principal contributor or as a Technical Lead, Zoe had once devoted her effort to the design and development of several renowned video call products, including Apple FaceTime, Tango Video Call, and Google Glass Video Call.

    Zoe received her PhD/ME/BE from Tsinghua University and her second PhD from Purdue University. She has accumulated years of research experiences at prestigious research labs, including Bell Labs, Nokia Research Center, Sun Labs, and HP Labs, and in particular excels in cross-field effort. Zoe has published more than 40 international conference and journal papers, and filed over 50 patents worldwide. She has been selected as a 2018 Google I/O speaker to introduce AV1 to the worldwide developers.

    Zoe Liu

  • CEO

    Zheng is a serial entrepreneur. As a Co-Founder and CTO he founded his first startup back in 2014, and launched the prestigious H.265 encoder product, known initially as QY265. Zheng had been the key contributor to both QY265's algorithm design and software implementation. QY265 later migrated to KSC265 after Zheng's startup was acquired by Kingsoft Cloud in 2015. Zheng had been serving as the R&D director at Kingsoft ever since, leading a key R&D team delivering many products in the field of video codecs, AI-enhanced image processing, VOIP, and live streaming to a line of top enterprise customers in the China market, including Tencent, Baidu, ByteDance (TouTiao), Kuaishou (FastHand), Sohu, 360 etc.

    Zheng earned his PhD from Zhejiang University. He has not only put years of devotion and passion into video processing and compression, but honed his business exploration skills by directly interacting with the enterprise customers for years.

    Zheng Zhu



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