Thomas Davies

Thomas brings a wealth of experience in the area of video codecs and video processing as a Distinguished Code Engineer where he is developing breakthroughs in our fundamental technologies and continuing work in standardization and the development and deployment of real-time video encoding solutions.

Before joining Visionular, Thomas was Principal Engineer at Cisco, where he led the deployment of AV1 in Webex video conferencing and was a principal developer of the world’s first real-time software HD AV1 video encoder. Cisco was a founding member of the AOM consortium and Thomas was a major contributor to the AV1 standard. In addition to AV1, Thomas led the development of video enhancement features for the Webex conferencing client application.

While at Cisco, Thomas also participated in the HEVC standardization process, and in the development and optimization of real-time HEVC and H.264 codec solutions. His work has scanned soft client endpoints, large-scale transcoding conference systems, and live streaming solutions.

Prior to Cisco, Thomas led video codec research at the BBC and after early work on digital wireless camera systems, he co-developed the SMPTE VC-2 codec standard for television production that spearheaded important contributions to the HEVC standard.

Thomas received his Ph.D. and MSc in Mathematics from Warwick University, after earning a BA from Oxford University.