Dmitriy Sychov

Dmitriy Sychov has dedicated his life to developing video encoding solutions. He spent 10+ years at Cisco as a technical lead, contributing to the launch of AV1 in their Webex product. Dmitriy is an expert with the encoding standards H.264 / H.265 / AV1, and has deep knowledge in hardware / software optimization.

Starting at the age of 12 with his first programmable calculator, he soon graduated to personal computers and then onto telecommunications hardware. All of these devices, however, suffered the same limitations. Each had limited processing power and memory, and were not computationally efficient. As such, coding “for efficiency” quickly became his obsession. An interest in video codecs and the never ending need to improve and optimize them was a natural progression.

Most recently, his work will be playing a part in NASA’s latest ambition to send people to the moon again. His work in efficient RTC video using AV1 will allow for the first person-to-person video call from behind the moon.