AuroraLive - A Cloud Based Live Streaming Solution

Delivering low-latency, high visual quality, live streaming performance.

What is AuroraLive?

AuroraLive is a cloud-based live streaming platform designed to ensure smooth delivery of live, interactive events to a large number of concurrent viewers, while maintaining a high visual quality and low latency. AuroraLive can be utilized by a simple UI for fast stream setup and an flexible and easy-to-use API for easy integration.

Why Choose AuroraLive?

Fast stream setup and integration
  • A user friendly UI supports new stream setup in minutes.
  • Flexible and simple API enables easy integration with AuroraLive, and simple API allows for the easy and quick setup of new streams.
  • Supports RTMP(S)/SRT input and HLS and RTC output.
Low Latency
  • Latency is less than 5 seconds glass-to-glass.
  • Leveraging a global CDN network optimized for low latency.
Standards Compliant
  • Supports playback on any device that support HLS streaming.
  • Supports low-latency HLS to regular-latency HLS backwards compatibility.
Highly Optimized for Use Cases
  • Customized ABR ladders for different devices and network types.

  • On average 25% to 50% bandwidth reduction without sacrificing visual quality.

  • Supports the standard streams of H.264, HEVC, and/or AV1. 
  • Scalable to millions of concurrent viewers.

How it works.

Video Support
ABR OutputSupporting Adaptive-BitRate (ABR) output with adaptive rendition ladder
Input ProtocolsRTMP/RTMPS, SRT
Input CodecsAVC (H.264)
Output ProtocolsRTC, HLS/LL-HLS
Output CodecsAVC (H.264), HEVC (H.265), AV1
Framerates1fps to 60fps
Forensic watermarkYes
Timed Metadata Yes
Audio Support
Audio CodecAAC, (Dolby support coming)

Use Cases.

Live Sports




News & Publishers

Media & Entertainment

Health & Fitness



AuroraLive supports RTMP/RTMPS/SRT ingest. ​

The maximum duration AuroraLive supports for a live stream is 48 hours.

AuroraLive supports a maximum input resolution of 1920×1080, 4K and HDR.

The maximum ingest bitrate is set to 5mbps by default. However, there is no upper limit technically. We can increase this limit if necessary.

AuroraLive supports Adaptive BitRate (ABR) video outputs. AuroraLive’s selection of ABR ladders depends on the input resolution. For example, if you send a 5Mbps-1080p-30fps input stream, AuroraLive will create a ABR ladder consisting of 4 renditions.

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Dr. Xuhui Shao
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AuroraCloud Aurora1 AV1 vs x264

AuroraCloud AV1 vs. x264 [1080p @ 1.0 Mbps]

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aurora5 hevc vs. x265

AuroraCloud HEVC vs. x265 [1080p @ 1.5 Mbps]

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aurora4 h264 encoder vs x264

AuroraCloud H.264 vs. x264 [1080p @ 2.5 Mbps]

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