Aurora AV1 RTC Usecase

Aurora AV1 now is capable for real-time communications

  • Now on PC with Intel i7 cpu, use less than 20~25% cpu resources.
  • Integrated within WebRTC following the draft of RTP Payload Format For AV1 (v0.2.1).
  • Support up to 1080p videos.
  • Mobile version starting 360p is coming soon.

Aurora AV1 Demo System

  1. Demo system is available for potential enterprise customers:
    • Our customized build Chrome package is available upon request
  2. Same machine video calls:
    • Open our customized Chrome, visit webrtc sample, and test/observe the same-machine AV1 video call workflow: camera capturing + AV1 codec + playback
    • May Open webrtc sample with bitrate plot to check real-time AV1 bitrate update curves
  3. Real-Time Two-Way Video Calls:
    • Install customized Chrome on both sides
    • Either side uses the customized Chrome to visit AppRTC
    • Join the same room, specify codec as AV1, and then enjoy the two-way video calls through AV1